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​At GCWC we offer discipleship counseling for those who desire God's guidance to meet life's difficulties. According to Dr. Bill Gillham, "Christian counseling must counsel the soul with techniques generated by the Spirit of God; counseling which is not Christian counsel the soul with techniques generated by the spirit of the world." All of us enter this world wanting our own way.  Our goal is control and our method is independence. His desire is intimacy and dependence. Biblical counseling is primarily a matter of discipleship. This involves giving up our right to be in control, walking in the newness of life which is ours in Christ Jesus (Romans 6:4), and learning to experience our new identity in Christ (II Cor. 5:17). Discipleship counseling is a process and transpires over a twelve week period in which the counselee meets with a counselor who has completed a two year training process.
​For those of you who don't desire long term counseling, Debbie Highland is available for prophetic prayer counseling. Debbie is a seasoned minister with a heart for the hurting, who has seen God set numerous people free. In addition to counseling, Debbie manages our benevolence ministry that has changed the lives of many in the area. 
​Our children/teen counselor is Kinnett Overman. Kinnett uses the discipleship counseling model via art therapy. She also utilizes play therapy according to the age of the child or teen. Kinnett has not only completed the Advanced Discipleship Training Course, but also has received additional training geared specifically to counseling children and teens.